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Network Administration

Most companies struggle with resources to fix even basic faults that occur in their hardware equipment.  And as more and more companies upgrade their IT infrastructure to accommodate newer technologies, they need expertise to transition from legacy systems in a quick and efficient manner.  Northrise Software offers hardware support services to help organizations focus on their core business rather than dealing with problems that they are not fully skilled at resolving.

Customers outsourcing their network administration to Northrise Software cut their labor costs every month. These include payroll, insurance, and taxes in comparison to only paying the service provider’s fee. As a customer you do not have to worry about unexpected HR complaints, unemployment claims, or a sudden employee departure.  Northrise Software is being equipped to handle technological issues with the latest updates before anything goes awry at your sites and offer innovative solutions that remotely manage and monitor your network. This means real-time updates for anything from patches to printer meter readings.